Description: Currently I am in the Pre-production stage of my Thesis Project. I have several different avenues I am currently pursuing as there is a lot of work to be done. I am reviewing the assets I already have, such as my proposal. I have begun filling out the Prop Weapon request form as I will be using fake swords in my project. I have also emailed Instructor Velez requesting a list of all the required assets for my upcoming PMA3 class.

Brief Logline: Eternal Kingdom is an emulsion of human size chess match meets Gladiator fight scene played in the heart of Detroit. Characters explore what it means be truly be alive, full of passion and risking it all for a chance at immortality.

Title: Eternal Kingdom- Thesis Project

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Location: Detroit, MI/Seattle, WA.

Roles: Director, Editor, Producer, Adaptational Screenwriter.


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