Here is the link to Josh’s Youtube page:

Hey everyone, here is my most recent work! (As of 12/11/2014)


Greetings everyone! Welcome to Josh Roger’s portfolio website. This is a comprehensive showcase of Josh’s work, all easily retrievable and a cinch to navigate. This is the place to comment on his work, follow his blog, and contact him with any questions or potential work. Hopefully you’ll share and like stuff too! If you feel so inclined. But you can’t really do any of those things without forming an opinion first, so make sure to check out his Work and Photography pages. (Those are in the Work section) By now you’re probably wondering, “Just what does this Josh character do, anyway?” You would be correct in your questioning assessment. Josh Roger is the Director, Editor, Producer, and about 90% of the time, the Writer of all the content you’ll see on this site. (Sometimes there is promotional work that others want done a certain way, and those stipulations have to be adhered to.) Another question you might ask is, “Well, what makes him so special?” Josh has many defining attributes that should not go ignored. He is earnest, hard working, willing to make self sacrifices for the good of whatever project he is striving to complete, and above all Josh has the technical knowledge and prowess to succeed.



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